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KICKXOTIC is a Bespoke Footwear Atelier. Our relentless dedication to the art of custom shoe making and design sets us apart from the rest. Established by Nicholas Benoit, our mission is to offer unparalleled custom-tailored solutions for our clients to make a resounding statement with each step.



A bespoke service by your Private Shoemaker

It begins with being inspired

"Our Bespoke Service is at the heart of what we do here at KICKXOTIC."

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our client is at the core of everything we create

  • We have an unwavering commitment for every bespoke pair to be a master piece.

Indulge in the epitome of luxury with our exclusive service. Each pair is a testament to timeless craftsmanship and unrivaled artistry, meticulously crafted to match the unique desires of our discerning clients. The products we create are a reflection of our love & passion, taking over 60 hours to create, and we spare no effort in ensuring that every pair is nothing short of pure comfort.

Each custom pair of shoes are individually priced. Each pair is unique to clients’ specifications and needs. Prices will vary according to size, detail, style, material etc. Your process begins from a meeting with our founder, Nicholas.

D&D meeting With Our Founder

Design & Development

We encourage our clients to actively participate in the design process. Nicholas, our Founder, will personally lead you through our Design & Development meeting, which can be held in person or online. In this session, we meticulously review every detail of your project to grasp your vision, personality, and style. Prior to our discussion, having some design concepts and a rough budget in mind would be beneficial. Any information you can share in advance will assist us in offering tailored recommendations for you.

Branding & Marketing

Media Content Production

We offer our clients the added option for professional media content production for their project.

If requested, in our meeting we will discuss in detail the type of content you require. Here are a few examples of the types content we can provide: 

  • Product Photoshoot
  • Product Lifestyle Photoshoot
  • Short Product Video
  • Short Product Lifestyle Video
  • Behind the Scene Video
  • Whole Process Time Lapse Video

Our Process


Our commitment lies in achieving the utmost standards of craftsmanship. Our sneakers are meticulously crafted for durability and longevity. We never compromise on our process or the time required. Crafting a bespoke pair typically takes between 4 to 8 weeks.

The Last

The Last in made in accordance to the base shoe for the most accurate shape of silhouette. If the base shoe caused discomfort the last would then be modified for the client’s fit. All our shoes are left on the last for a minimum of 72 hours, allowing them to fully conform to the last's shape.

The Pattern

Following weeks of dedication, the customized sneakers are finally complete. Each pair is thoughtfully packaged with care. By the time the shoes are delivered, our team will have executed no less than 200 procedures, ensuring the creation of impeccably unique footwear crafted just for you.

Leather and Fabric 

Explore an extensive array of materials, featuring premium selections like full-grain calf leathers, nubuck, and suede, all imported from Italy. Additionally, indulge in our unparalleled range of authentic exotic leathers, including personally handpicked Crocodile and Burmese Python by our Founder. KICKXOTIC has access to silks, cashmere, and fabrics sourced from across the globe for a truly luxurious experience.


We're able to accommodate the client's personalization requests, provided they align with the KICKXOTIC brand identity. This includes incorporating custom logos, special dates, names, and initials. Additionally, we offer options to digitally print or tattoo custom artwork onto leather or fabric. Furthermore, we cater to asymmetrical feet. Please utilize our form to convey any specific requirements you might have.

The Completion

After months of work, the bespoke sneakers are ready. Each pair is presented to the client in a handmade box sheathed in the materials of choice, personalized by the client. By the time the shoes are delivered, our team would have performed no fewer than 200 procedures to create the perfect and wholly unique footwear for the client.

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We value every request we receive. As a result of high demand and the intricacies of our manufacturing process, we can only accommodate a limited number of shoes each month. Please contact us to secure a spot in our monthly production line.