Custom Brass Stamp Logo

Create your personalized Brass Stamp logo with KICKXOTIC. After placing your order, email your logo image and dimensions to For the best results, we recommend providing your logo in an AI file format. Free International Shipping is included in this price. 

*Our Brass stamps are crafted for exclusive customization on authentic pairs only. Versatile and compatible with various surfaces like leather, paper, and wood.

  • Size S: Length should not exceed 35mm, and height should not exceed 40mm.
  • Size M: Length should not exceed 55mm, and height should not exceed 60mm.
  • Size L: Length should not exceed 85mm, and height should not exceed 90mm.

Please note, different foil and leather types may produce varying effects. For optimal results, experiment with press times, pressures, and temperatures. Diverse color variations can be achieved by using different foil paper colors.

Ensure compatibility with a hot foil stamping machine or hammering handle before ordering your stamps. For inquiries and submissions, kindly reach out to

Please expect a processing time of 2-3 weeks after your order.

Custom Brass Stamp Logo Sizing Size S - Length ≤ 35mm and Height ≤ 40mm